Moving is stressful.
Packing doesn’t have to be.
Pack happy.

Welcome to Green Bin® kathy ireland®

If you’re moving home or office locally and are looking for an easier, more convenient, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes, you’ve found it! Green Bin® kathy ireland® was founded for that very reason - to reduce your stress and the environmental impact of moving your stuff!

Our focus is customer service; we know that timing is everything when it comes to your move, so we will deliver our Green Bins, clean and ready to use, when you need them, and collect them as soon as you’re done!

How It Works

the first step to renting plastic moving bins is free delivery


the next step to renting plastic moving bins is pack what you're moving!

Pack & Move

the last step to renting plastic moving bins is free pick-up


Free Delivery & Pick-up


Don’t Call Them Boxes, They’re Green Bins

Customers have different motivations for choosing Green Bin® kathy ireland®,  but these four are key to Packing Happy!

Ease & Efficiency

Green Bins work! They stack, they have label sleeves to identify contents, they don’t deteriorate in the rain! We drop them off, you pack & move, we pick them up!


You don’t need to beg/buy/borrow/collect or assemble dozens of cardboard boxes. Green Bins don’t need tape, you don’t need to break them down and dispose of the cardboard when you’re done. 


Renting Green Bins costs less than buying cardboard boxes. Better for your pocketbook, better for the world.


Each plastic Green Bin® can be reused for 400+ moves and they are fully recycled at the end of their life. Even our packing paper is made of 100% post-consumer recycled material.

Easy to Pack, Carry and Stack!

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Ready to Pack Happy?

In Partnership with kathy ireland® Worldwide

In April 2024, we were able to officially announce our new partnership with kathy ireland® Worldwide! Our leadership had the opportunity to meet Kathy and her team in January 2024. Being part of the kathy ireland®  Worldwide family gives new customers the confidence that we will deliver on our promises with the same great service and communication our current customers are accustomed to.

Working with Kathy will also allow us to continue to expand our brand across the country, as our nationwide expansion efforts continue. Our goal is to make Green Bins available for customers from coast-to-coast!

One Tree Planted With Every Order

Green Bin® was founded in 2018 by owners who care deeply about the planet; today Green Bin® kathy ireland®  continues that commitment by building a brand that gives back to nature. Not only do our Green Bins prevent the use of thousands of pounds of cardboard every year, but we are also thrilled to share that we will plant a tree for every single order placed, in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Trees clean our air and water, create habitat for biodiversity, and contribute to our health and wellbeing. We are honored to support reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model.

Ready to Pack Happy?